Monday, June 1, 2009

Trip to Tulsa

On Thursday last week I headed down to Tulsa with Audra & Lydia to visit Amber and her sweet family, Mike, Hadley & Jillian. It was the first time I would be seeing Jillian since she was less than a day old so I was REALLY excited for that, obviously. Sadly my camera only got used on the first day while at the park but I got some really cute pictures. It was nice to get to visit with Amber & Audra so much. It was also nice to get to spend more than an hour here and there with their kiddos.

Hadley & Lydia both love to swing!
You can tell by her faceLydia did not want to get out either
And this is what Jillian did while the older girls playedGoing down the slide - that is Audra her mom giving her a gentle shove :)I thought this was a cute picture Hadley didn't want to go down by herself but really loved to go down with help

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Laura said...

Glad to finally see some pictures from your trip! Looks like the girls had fun at the park :)