Friday, June 12, 2009

Catbackers Annual Dinner

Wednesday night was the annual Catbackers Dinner in Winfield. Every year there is a golf tournament & dinner. At the dinner a speaker comes, usually from K-State, and gives a little talk. This years speaker was the one, the only, Coach Bill Synder!!! He is basically a God at K-State, so obviously when he talks people listen. He spoke about how important the Kansas Mentor program is and how funding is lacking. He also mentioned with all the budget cuts happening that the Kansas Hall of Fame is at stake which would sadly mean that all the memorabilia would go to the highest bidder and be in a private collection. Please visit each site and see what they are all about and get involved!

I just took a few pictures of Coach Synder speaking, I wish I would have taken a picture of my dinner plate, my steak was rare and over half the size of my plate. I gave it my best effort but if you didn't know how big the steak was to begin with you would not have thought I touched the steak. It was a great evening and an absolute pleasure meeting Coach Synder for the first time.

Me, Coach Synder & Audra -- Can you tell we are overly excited to meet him??

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