Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One who will be missed in particular

Well I just finished my LAST final as a student. I am so very happy to be able to say those words. I never thought I would get to this point and now that I am it is all bitter sweet. I am going to miss so many while in California but will say in touch for sure. One little guy I will miss in particular is Master Luke. He is Meg & Joe's little boy and he certainly has a special place in my heart. I love him like he is my own and I will miss getting to go to their house and spoil him, I mean love him :) Recently we all went to Heber Springs and took the boats out for the first time, actually if you ask Joe we took Luke's boat out, the boat that they bought for Luke when Megan was about 7 months preggers. Men will say anything to justify buying a boat... We had a fun little photo shoot with Luke while on the boat and I think it needs to be shared! I am certainly going to miss you Luke while in Cali, and of course I will miss your amazing parents too. But always know that if you need to talk to your Aunt Christie I am just a phone call or plane ride away. And no worries I will still spoil you for 1800 miles away :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Some Firsts

It is amazing how we go through life living without knowing what amazing things there are out there. I got to have one of these moments this past weekend when I went on a float trip on the Buffalo River. I joked, but it is reality, that up until this weekend the closest I had ever come to camping was staying in a motel... But I quickly learned that camping is fun and not at all what I had expected and it is okay to be dirty, remember the ol' saying "dirt don't hurt cuz God made dirt." I would have stayed all week if I could, maybe it was the smell of the campfire, maybe it was the clear sky filled with stars, or the fact that I love Joe's breakfasts or maybe it was because I didn't want to leave Jed... I am sure it was a combination of all of the above and I would have loved to stay in that moment for the rest of my life, or until Winter :)

I rode to the Buffalo with Megan & Joe, 2 of the bests friends a girl could ever ask for. I remember a few months ago when Meg first brought up the canoe trip and it wasn't a "do you want to go" it was more of "you are going." Thank you Megan for opening my eyes to it all, I will always cherish the times we have had in Heber and other random places in Arkansas. Friday night was an easy night but it did rain but thanks to the manly men we were with, they put up a tarp and protected us from the rain. Then it cleared out and we were back in front of the campfire enjoying everything.

Saturday was the big trip. I was a little apprehensive because Joe told me that the canoe is somewhat unstable and and I needed to make small and slow movements, I quickly learned it was not that bad but was grateful that he prepped me for it. Jed was responsible for me, whether he liked it or not, and he did an amazing job at explaining how to use my oar to maneuver the canoe. I think we made a pretty good team and only came close to tipping once and that was because we were trying to win the race. I have to admit Jed did most of the rowing and I helped some but it was because of him that we did so well. Thank you Jed! I really enjoyed getting to spend so much time with him and can't wait to do more of that in the future.

I think I caught on pretty quick and as a bonus got a good upper body workout! There was about 10 canoes & 1 kayak with our group. We floated for 10 miles and got to see some of the most amazing landscape. I think we left shore at 10 a.m. and rolled in about 6 p.m., obviously we stopped many times to snack, have lunch and just soak up some sun. I have decided that I need to find a job where I get paid for floating and drinking beer!

After getting back from floating the rest of the weekend went by in a blink of an eye. I can't believe it was nearly over. For the rest of the night we sat infront of the camp fire and talked, ate & drank.

The sun came up way to early Sunday morning and the next thing I knew I was helping Jed take down the tent and we were packed up ready to head back to Memphis. The last picture on here is to show that I did survive and I still have a smile on my face. It was an amazing weekend that I will always remember as being my first weekend to camp, first weekend to really eat from a campfire, first weekend to sleep on a deflated air mattress and first weekend not wanting to return to the comforts of home, shocking I know but I will admit my shower when I got home was amazing.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Goodbye Third Year!

Today is my official last day in clinic as a 3rd year optometry student. It is all bitter sweet because for I will not see 2/3 of my fellow classmates until graduation. It is crazy to think that we are going to be scattered throughout the country in just a few short weeks. I have had so much fun with them and have learned so much from them as well. I have been fortunate to have been in a group of 3, typically it is a group of 4 student doctors, for 2 out of 3 semesters in clinic. At times we hated but know now that we got to see more patients and get more experience. Below is a picture of us goofing off, what we like to do best. I certainly will miss Ashwynn & Brandon, you 2 undoubtably got me through this past year.

Monday, April 21, 2008

My Purpose

Hello family, friends and others...

I have been trying to figure out a good way to communicate more with everyone, especially for those who are not on myspace or facebook and this seemed to be the best way. I hope you all enjoy it and will comment to me in the future.

I will be having a busy next year starting in May so please stay tuned for updates on my life and adventures that I may have. I also hope to share recipes that I have tried and then the old tried and trues ones as well that I have learned over the years from my mom & grandmothers.

For the next 2 weeks I am still in Memphis and then I will be moving to California for my first externship rotation. I will be living with my ever so generous cousin Tami & her husband Carl, and Boomer too! But I am very overwhelmed with the thought of moving and leaving so many good friends here that I am trying not to think about it too much.

Can't wait to share pictures and stories so stay tuned!