Wednesday, April 30, 2008

One who will be missed in particular

Well I just finished my LAST final as a student. I am so very happy to be able to say those words. I never thought I would get to this point and now that I am it is all bitter sweet. I am going to miss so many while in California but will say in touch for sure. One little guy I will miss in particular is Master Luke. He is Meg & Joe's little boy and he certainly has a special place in my heart. I love him like he is my own and I will miss getting to go to their house and spoil him, I mean love him :) Recently we all went to Heber Springs and took the boats out for the first time, actually if you ask Joe we took Luke's boat out, the boat that they bought for Luke when Megan was about 7 months preggers. Men will say anything to justify buying a boat... We had a fun little photo shoot with Luke while on the boat and I think it needs to be shared! I am certainly going to miss you Luke while in Cali, and of course I will miss your amazing parents too. But always know that if you need to talk to your Aunt Christie I am just a phone call or plane ride away. And no worries I will still spoil you for 1800 miles away :)


Jules said...

Such sweet pictures of sweet baby Luke! Lovin' the blog : ) Keep it up!

Tangee said...

I must say again...Luke is the CUTEST baby ever!