Thursday, July 31, 2008


A couple weeks ago, while wine tasting, I was on track to find a sommelier to date but after seeing Dark Knight last night I am convinced I need to find a superhero. Why you ask? Well for a number of reasons: they save you went in danger, everyone loves them, they are a little mysterious, they have a good heart, will do anything for you and best of all they have the coolest toys.

A cape is not required but is a bonus. Those without a trademark logo need not to apply.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

6-man Volleyball

Look what is happening at the beach this weekend...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Another first...

Today about 11:45 a.m. I was minding my own business in the kitchen chatting on the phone with work when what I thought was the wind started really making noise...

Christine, from work, then said "hold on we are having an earthquake."

My response was something like "holy sh*t, holy sh*t, what do I do!!!!" Repeat 5 times.

She then calmly said "CALM DOWN! Get in a doorway and hold on."

So of course I get in the first door way I could, my butt touching one side and my hands on the other scared to death. The quake lasted for about 1 minute, longest minute of my life if you ask me. It was the freakiest thing EVER. I looked outside and everything was just swaying, it felt like I was on a very rocky boat. Talk about vertigo. Finally it stopped and I was so relieved. Zimm my next door neighbor came over to make sure everything was okay.

I asked, "what the heck was that?!"

He said "that was an earthquake, how did you like it?"

I said "I didn't. That was the first one I had felt and hoped it was my last."

He laughed.

Poor Boomer knew what was happening before all of us. She was sunbathing in the back yard and came running into the kitchen, I just thought she was smelling the lemon bars I was baking but actually she was coming to be with me. Such a sweetie!

So I survived my first earthquake. I sure am getting the full California experience but I do wish the Welcome Wagon would stop knocking on my door!

Hermosa home

Weeks ago I got a request to show pictures of Tami & Carl's home in Hermosa, the one they have graciously let me live in. I kind of put it off because of company that was staying here and shear laziness. But today I am sharing the rest of the house, minus their bedroom.

The front living room. Boomer is in her usual spot relaxing from our morning run.
The amazing LeRoy Neiman paintings.
Still in the living room
My bathroom
Another mini wine fridge on the right and the dining room table. It actually expanded to twice its size!
A view through the kitchen

The best espresso/coffee maker of life! It grids the coffee and brews it for each cup. You can do espressos, cappuccinos or regular coffee. It is like having your own barista from Starbucks in your own kitchen without the loud music!

And then there is the "man cave." A room that makes all men jealous. Full equipped with 6 TVs and room for 1 more, that is in my room.

And personal lockers for everyone that visits.

Wipe the drool boys!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Funny thing on the way to the office

On Saturday Christine & I were walking back to the office after lunch and I noticed a man in his late 50s or 60s sitting on a bench reading a magazine. Sounds harmless right? Not so much it was a PLAYBOY magazine! And let me tell you Broxton is a busy street in terms of foot traffic. I am surprised there were no little boys looking over his shoulders. I am sure he was reading it for the articles... Seriously.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Wine tasting last weekend

Last Sunday I got to check another item off my to do list: wine tasting. So Sunday morning after a short run to the pier and back we loaded up in the Land Cruiser and headed North to wine country, it was Carl, Tami, Carl's dad, his wife and me. I was so excited to see my niece Celine at lunch time as well as maybe learn a thing or two about wine. We visited 2 actual vineyards where they harvest the grapes and make the wine, Brander and Bridlewood.

At my first wine tasting at Brander

Acting like I know what I am doing :) By the end of the day I got the swirling thing down pat!

Entering Bridlewood

Look at all those barrels!

Yummy wine selection inside Bridlewood

Aren't they cute!

If you look in the distance you can see the vines. Appropriately Bridlewood has horse stables.

After visiting the vineyards in the Santa Ynez Valley we were off to Los Olivos for lunch and to visit all the tasting rooms there. At each vineyard and tasting room you were able to sample 5-9 different wines, depending on what they were pouring that day. Each of the tastings were small but they added up and caused me to be a little fuzzy headed by the time we were on our way home. The tasting rooms we visited were: Epiphany Cellars, Consilience, Tre Anelli, Longoria, and Andrew Murry.

Epiphany Cellars tasting room

It was so yummy!

Look what Tami taught me!

Christiane, me & Josh at Patricks Side Street Cafe for lunch

This is my favorite picture that Carl took of me & Celine, she is so sweet!

We bought these shirts at Tre Anelli, it is my newest motto "Life's too short for bad shoes & bad wine." I gave up bad shoes long ago but now I guess it is no more boxed wine for me :)

Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a bargain!

For the last 2 Tuesdays I have gone down to the beach in Santa Monica to play volleyball with the awesome people I work with at Village Eyes. It has been loads of fun and a great workout. I have decided that my cheeks (on my face) get as much of a workout from smiling than my legs & arms do from playing volleyball. Below are some pictures of the beach.

So this last Tuesday I drove, which oddly does not scare me at all like it did when I first moved out here. Anyways, on the way back we (Christine, Annie & I) were really wanting some Jamba Juice for a pick me up but it was on the other side of the road and very difficult to get to. However in the midst of trying to find refreshment in Brentwood we did spy a Chevron that had gasoline for $4.29/gallon! What a bargain! I was in the middle lane and quickly swerved over into the right lane so I could turn in. There was a few "eeks" from my passengers, maybe I won't have to drive again, and I think I possibly could have caused a wreck and I probably pissed off some celebrity in the process, oh well such is life. The happy part of the story is I was able to fill up for less than $40 and we made it back safely. Who knew I would think $4.29/gallon would be a bargain and that it would result in having a walk on the wild side. It was all worth it for sure and makes for a good story.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wordless Wednesday

Here are pictures of my visit with Josh, Christiane and Celine. It seems as if Celine and I had our own personal photo shoot but honestly we did not, I just hogged her the whole time :)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ingram Hill covers "I kissed a Girl"

Here is one of my favorite bands, not just because they are from the South, Ingram Hill. Their sound is intoxicating and all you want to do is sing along & try to keep up with Justin's amazing voice. They posted this new cover song from Katy Perry on YouTube today. Check it out!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Lunch with Celine

Sunday Tami, Carl, Carl's parents & I went up to the Santa Barabara area for a mini-sideways tour. We were just about an hour from Josh, Christiane & Celine so they met us for lunch at Patrick's Side Street Cafe in Los Olivos. What a wonderful lunch, great company, great wine & great food! I had the Dia Verde salad, yumm-o!

I will post more pictures later, they are still on another camera, but here are a few from the day. She has grown so much since I saw her just a few short weeks ago. Sadly it may be the last time I get to see them until Thanksgiving. I can only imagine how big she will be then.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Duke Spirit

I have been getting so behind in my blogs, I apologize. Here is an update from last week.

Thursday I went to the Armand Hammer museum just down the street from work on Wilshire Blvd for a FREE concert, what a deal! Christine, my personal stylist & fashion guru & office manager, went with me (it was actually her idea). The headliner was The Duke Spirit. They were so entertaining, seriously the lead singer was wearing head to toe spandex! Here is one of my favorite songs.

Thank you for expanding my love of music Christine!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Flashback Friday

This week's Flashback Friday is dedicated to Julianne! I have been so blessed to have met her through Megan and become friends through the years in Memphis. She is one of the prettiest women I know and smartest :) But then again I don't have dumb & ugly friends... She just completed her Masters at U of Memphis and now is working towards that PhD in Industrial & Organizational Psychology. She is constantly on the move with work and play. She loves to bake which is good and bad b/c I can not resist her wonderful treats! She has also recently become one of my mom's favorite people b/c she and Derrick (her hubby) are going to let me live with them while I am back in Memphis for the Fall semester, her prayers have been answered I will not be living out of my car. I am so lucky to have Jules in my life for so many reasons! Thank you for always being there to make me laugh, put me in my place, listen to my woes & feed my tummy :) See you soon girl!

This is Jules & Derrick pre-marriage. Such a cute couple!

I told you she was beautiful! On the boat catching some rays.

Dressed up for Halloween with Derrick. Always such the jokester.
And celebrating New Years on Walton. That is Derrick's signature pose :)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Westwood happenings

    Yesterday was a busy day in the Westwood Village. The Fox Theater was hosting the premier of Step Brothers. And there was a wine tasting gala all within a block of one another. What a pain to drive anywhere! Needless to say I did not go to either. But it was fun to see all the paparazzi, but it was too early to see any stars.
  • I honestly would have rather gone to the wine gala, it looked much more fun and appetizing. Maybe next time???

Monday, July 14, 2008

Startling Statistic

Here is a startling statistic put out by the Arkansas Optometric Assocation

Studies indicate that approximately 80% of all learning during a child's first 12 years is obtained through the eyes; yet 86% of children do not receive an eye exam during that time.

With 10 million children suffering from vision problems, have you made an appointment for your child?
For information about InfantSee program click here.

Temescal Canyon Trail

On Sunday Tami & I went up the coast and went for a 5+ mile hike in the Pacific Palisades. It wasn't just any hike, it was a hike up the side of a hill, which seemed like a mountain at one point. It was really a lot of fun, so many people enjoying the outdoors. One thing I noticed was the diversity of the languages and ages on the trail.

There were a few parts of the trail that were pretty steep but I was told there was an amazing view once we reached the top. I kept thinking to myself it better be amazing. No worries, it was a gorgeous overlook on the city, beach and ocean. I was so happy to make it to the top, as you can see. On our way back down I think we even saw a celebrity, Shannon Elizabeth, and if it wasn't her it could be her double.

After our hike we went into Malibu for lunch at Dukes which overlooked the ocean. Since we had such a good workout we treated ourselves to some tasty beverages, chips/salsa & fish tacos. What a great post workout meal!

On our way home we took the highway that goes along the coast. What a pretty drive. And we got passed up by some pretty nice cars too. At one point there were 5 Ferraris in a row! Enjoy the pictures. Can't wait to go back and do it again.

Passing of a friend

Anyone who has gone to school with me or simply been around me knows that I always carry water with me. I like to think I am helping out the environment by using a re-usable water bottle, I have had this particular one for over 4 years. I do love it but as of today it is getting recycled. It has for some reason taken on a very undesirable smell of which I am not able to get rid of no matter how hot the water or soapy the soap. So today I am saying good-bye to an old friend. You will be missed (sniffle, sniffle). Hopefully I will be able to find a replacement just as sturdy & loyal.

Friday, July 11, 2008

All Sides leak

I know you all are dying to hear O.A.R.'s newest CD. You can click here and listen to it on VH1's The Leak. It sounds like another great CD. Can't wait to get to download it from iTunes on July 15th, 5 more days!!! I was going to give a suggestion to what song you should check out but I can't decide which is the best, b/c they are ALL fabulous!

Thursday, July 10, 2008


So according to the race results that was my time for the 5k last Friday. So much better than I thought, maybe it is a clerical error, but hey I will run with it. (tee hee!) So that means I ran an average of 10:58/mile. Not too shabby for my first race. I came in 1475th place out of 2164.

Here is a picture of me after the race. I am delighted I am still on my feet :)