Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

With all the craziness of Monday's trip to Disneyland, don't worry I will post pictures eventually, I did not have time to post a very special message so here it is:


Monday was their anniversary, last year they surprised me in Memphis for their 35th on 07.07.07. I hope they had as much fun this year as they did last. You two have been so supportive over the years and it amazes me how much love you have to give each of your children, even with the bone-headed things we do. Thank you for always encouraging me to follow my dreams and to never give up even when it seemed like it would be so easy to quit. I hope that one day I can find someone to love and to be loved by as much as you two do. I love you!

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Laura said...

That is so sweet! Such a good picture of them too! We're so lucky to have such wonderful parents that have been together so long.

Have a great day :)