Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hermosa home

Weeks ago I got a request to show pictures of Tami & Carl's home in Hermosa, the one they have graciously let me live in. I kind of put it off because of company that was staying here and shear laziness. But today I am sharing the rest of the house, minus their bedroom.

The front living room. Boomer is in her usual spot relaxing from our morning run.
The amazing LeRoy Neiman paintings.
Still in the living room
My bathroom
Another mini wine fridge on the right and the dining room table. It actually expanded to twice its size!
A view through the kitchen

The best espresso/coffee maker of life! It grids the coffee and brews it for each cup. You can do espressos, cappuccinos or regular coffee. It is like having your own barista from Starbucks in your own kitchen without the loud music!

And then there is the "man cave." A room that makes all men jealous. Full equipped with 6 TVs and room for 1 more, that is in my room.

And personal lockers for everyone that visits.

Wipe the drool boys!

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