Thursday, July 24, 2008

What a bargain!

For the last 2 Tuesdays I have gone down to the beach in Santa Monica to play volleyball with the awesome people I work with at Village Eyes. It has been loads of fun and a great workout. I have decided that my cheeks (on my face) get as much of a workout from smiling than my legs & arms do from playing volleyball. Below are some pictures of the beach.

So this last Tuesday I drove, which oddly does not scare me at all like it did when I first moved out here. Anyways, on the way back we (Christine, Annie & I) were really wanting some Jamba Juice for a pick me up but it was on the other side of the road and very difficult to get to. However in the midst of trying to find refreshment in Brentwood we did spy a Chevron that had gasoline for $4.29/gallon! What a bargain! I was in the middle lane and quickly swerved over into the right lane so I could turn in. There was a few "eeks" from my passengers, maybe I won't have to drive again, and I think I possibly could have caused a wreck and I probably pissed off some celebrity in the process, oh well such is life. The happy part of the story is I was able to fill up for less than $40 and we made it back safely. Who knew I would think $4.29/gallon would be a bargain and that it would result in having a walk on the wild side. It was all worth it for sure and makes for a good story.

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