Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Ingram Hill covers "I kissed a Girl"

Here is one of my favorite bands, not just because they are from the South, Ingram Hill. Their sound is intoxicating and all you want to do is sing along & try to keep up with Justin's amazing voice. They posted this new cover song from Katy Perry on YouTube today. Check it out!


Kendra said...

woah- i like their version MUCH better! He's so cute singing about "his boyfriend"!!

Laura said...

LOVE IT!!! Ingram Hill has such a great sound :)

Must say I like hearing this song sung by a MALE instead!! I like that he got the lines figured out..
"I hope HER boyfriend don't mind it" too funny!

Thanks for sharing!

Erin said...

So this video has broken me into the comments section of your blog. I have thought about it several times but then end up talking to you later in the day. This cover is Fabulous!! I hope they come to Memphis this fall! I love his voice. P.S. I stole it and put it on myspace :)