Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Westwood happenings

    Yesterday was a busy day in the Westwood Village. The Fox Theater was hosting the premier of Step Brothers. And there was a wine tasting gala all within a block of one another. What a pain to drive anywhere! Needless to say I did not go to either. But it was fun to see all the paparazzi, but it was too early to see any stars.
  • I honestly would have rather gone to the wine gala, it looked much more fun and appetizing. Maybe next time???


Amber said...

So that was all the craziness while I was talking to you.

Laura said...

A wine gala sounds like JUST what I need right now :) Looks like a beautiful evening. Bummer you didn't see any stars.

Bethany said...

I am not a wine drinker at all, but how fun it would be to see some stars!! :) I am slightly obsessed with celeb gossip!!