Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wine pairings

Here is the wine list with the food pairing we has this weekend with the tasting notes. For some of you that have never been to a wine tasting you start off with lighter white wines and proceed to the more complex red wines. I have included my own notes of Like it (glad I tried it once), Live it (definitely a wine I will get in the future), and Love it (I want more right now!).

Select Cuvee Brut from Piper Sonoma - Sparkling wine

  • Tasting notes - Crisp and bright with light aromas yeast, toast, cherry and vanilla; palate creamy texture, soft mousse, dried citrus peel and red cheery
  • Food pairing - baked brie
  • Like it - too dry for my taste
2005 Chenin Blanc-Viognier from Pine Ridge - White wine

  • Tasting notes - Honeysuckle, jasime and peaches; pears, grapefruit peel and bright acidity
  • Food pairing - Roasted Chicken
  • Live it - great price point and very smooth flavor
2005 Sauvignon Blanc from Rodney Strong - White wine

  • Tasting notes - candied grapefruit peel, spring flowers and tangerine peel, ripe lemon, touch minerality
  • Food pairing - cherry tomatoes, calamata olives
  • Love it - again great price and very fruity and crisp on the palate
2004 Blend of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Gewurztraminer & Pinot Gris from Pierre Sparr "One" - White wine

  • Tasting notes - Spice, spring flowers, peaches, lemons
  • Food pairing - baked apples
  • Like it - Not a huge fan of the spice but good for guests who like a sweeter wine

2007 Pinot Noir from Kris - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Blackberries, candied fruits, black cherry, rasberry, spice, caramel, cloves, firm tannins
  • Food pairing - Stuffed mushrooms
  • Live it - Even better price point, a bit of an after taste but tasted like a cherry jolly rancher

2001 Merlot from Artesa - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Ripe sweet raspberries, plums, fruitcake and spice with chocolate
  • Food pairing - Chedder cheese
  • Love it - bold fruity flavor
2004 Chianti Superiore from Castello de Monastero - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Cranberry, violet, dried rosemary and vanilla; red cranberry and cinnamon
  • Food pairing - Italian sausage pizza
  • Like it - fairly dry and very warm wine, it would warm you up on a cold winter day
Cabernet Sauvignon from ViƱa Casa Silva Reserva - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Dark berry fruit, tobacco, earth, star anise, licorice, medium bodied weight and medium grained tannins
  • Food pairing - our pairing for this was strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting in ice cream cones ;)
  • Love it - big bold flavors that

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wine and cheese pairing make for a great birthday!

Last Saturday Julianne hosted a Wine tasting party for my birthday. It was never my intention for her to host the entire thing but that is how she wanted it and I was left just hanging out enjoying it all. Julianne did an incredible job on organizing it all and having the perfect food pairing with each wine. It seemed the party went on effortlessly, even though I know she was stressed, but to the party guests it looked like she was calm, cool and collected at all times. I will post the wine & food pairing later this week. But for now here are some pictures from the night.

This is me and Jules
Kevin, Kelsey, Jill & Me
Me, Megan McDonald-Moll & KarenMore pics of Kelsey, Jill & MeMegan & DerrickJoe, Me & my new friend EddySurrounded by ODs with names that start with "J" - Jake, John, me & JohnKendra, Megan & Me
My roomies & great hosts - Derrick & Jules
Me & Karen - I miss sitting beside this girl in class but do NOT miss class!Of course the party moved outside and gathered around the fire pit.
Me & Kendra
I have no idea what I am doing, probably telling some story, but I thought it was a funny picture and looks like I am having a really good time
Kate & Dan
Dan & Kendra enjoying s'mores
Me & John chilling (literally, it was cold) by the fireAfter the outdoor activity I came back inside to find a gift from Megan & Julianne for a pedicure at the NailBar, where I get a pedicure and 2 drinks! How great is that??

Happy Birthday Audra!

Today is Audra's birthday, one of my best(est) friends. She is like a sister to me. We have known each other for well over a decade, almost 2. I am so fortunate to have her in my life. She is a wonderful mom to her baby girl, Lydia, and from what I see a wonderful wife as well :) I always look forward to going home and spending time with her. She always listens, has great advice and can cook! Happy birthday girl. Miss you. I love you!

Disclaimer... This is the only good quality picture of Audra I could find (most were too far away and were grainy when I cropped them) and since we took a million at our h.s. reunion together I had plenty to pick from :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Tami!

Today is my double cousin Tami's birthday. I so wish I could have had a drink with her and not for her, but such is life. As most of you know I spent the entire summer with her and her family and since leaving in August I really miss her. I guess it is good that I was only out there for a short time b/c we sure do like to play, aka spend money, together :)

I hope that you have one of the happiest birthdays ever. I wish only the best for you this year and every year. I love you Tami!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

I love Ellen!

Not sure if you guys get the pleasure of watching Ellen on a regular basis but because of the powers of TIVO I get to watch it often. Last week Dennis Quaid was on and it was hilarious! I have watched this over and over and it does not get old. He is such a good sport. Check it out!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Birthday dinner

Monday was my birthday, not a milestone birthday but close. I was fortunate enough to have let out of clinic early, thank you Dr. Fors for having a heart :) That night a few friends and I went to dinner. It was a pleasant surprise that Luke, Megan & Joe's little boy, was in Memphis and was able to come. Here are some pictures from the night.
I is such a ham and I really think he has the cheesy grin down pat. Must be all the pictures he is in.
Me and my birthday dessert. Simple dessert really, ice cream, caramel & pralines, yum!

More lost but found photos

For those avid followers of my blog you may remember a blog about a volleyball tourney I attended this past summer in Manhattan Beach (MB). It was quite the ordeal. Here are some pictures that Tami just posted on Facebook from the day.

This is the team we went to support, Tropic Thunder, my neighbor Lindsey was on the team . Most of these guys played together in college. They did amazing and it was so fun to watch good volleyball players in action and having fun. Do you remember Hawk from American Gladiators back in the day? He was doing some sort of commentary. It was actually the 2nd time I had seen him that summer, the first time was at Target.Here is a picture of me and Tami just in front of the MB pier and the massive amount of people. It was insane!After we watched some VB we went and had a few drinks in MB. And then we made it back down to Hermosa Beach to Sharkys for some fish tacos, my favorite! At this point we were on a bicycle pub crawl. Seriously! On bikes. I was happy I didn't crash and burn.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Chateau on the Lake

This weekend I attended the Arkansas Optometric Association Fall meeting in Branson, MO, btw I have no idea when their state meeting was in another state. But it was a lot of fun after I finished driving, nearly made myself sick from all the ups and downs and winding roads. I got to meet some ODs from the state, get wined & dined and even do a little shopping with some of my best girlfriends at one of the outlet malls & did pretty well, if you are reading this mom I didn't spend my money foolishly :) I only invested money into things that I really need...

The conference was at Chateau on the Lake and boy did we have a gorgeous view! Here are some pictures out of our hotel balcony overlooking Table Rock lake.

When I woke up Saturday morning the fog had not lifted yet, it was so pretty!

I was fortunate enough to even have my trip overlap with Laura's anniversary trip. Here is a picture from our short time together at Marble Slab with Barrett, such a cutie!
I took a different route home and hoped not to toss my cookies, it was a much better drive, more straight and I could drive faster too :) As a bonus Kendra and I followed each other for about half of my drive. Here is a picture when we stopped off just north of Conway, AR.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Over the weekend I came across some not so average day things. As you know the economy is in shambles but I was happy to see that gasoline finally went under $3! Who would have thought that gas under $3 would be a bargain?!
On my way home from Heber my car rolled over 100,000 miles. I was hoping to get a pic of the actual number but got distracted and didn't think it would be safe to drive backwards for 7 miles. She, my car, has treated me well. I got her when she had 21,000 miles 6 years ago, holy cow, I didn't realize just how long I have had this car! WOW.

The city I live in...

So this is an interview that was actually aired on one of the news broadcasts here in Memphis. Seriously! A few things go thru my head when I watched it:

  1. What is this lady actually saying
  2. Why did the mail man give her a dollar (did you miss that part? Listen again)
  3. Why would they actually put this on TV??

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Congrats Ashley!

Yesterday I got some great news from my little sister Ashley, she got accepted into Kansas State University and is officially a WILDCAT!!! I am so very proud of her and am so excited to think of all the fun she is going to have while she is there. Best wishes little sis! I love you!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A California girl forever and ever

I know I was pretty bad about taking pictures while I was actually at the Vistakon campus, but I have plenty of pictures elsewhere. Vistakon was fun, educational and as a bonus we got to tour the factory where they make the Acuvue contact lenses but were not able to take cameras in due to their top secrets... Good thing I have a photogenic memory and can sell the information to Coopervision & Ciba :) HA! I wish. It was interesting to find out that they only have 2 factories were the contact lenses are made, Florida and Ireland! And the huricanne evacution process is insane, they load up the machines and all the stock onto a semi truck and move it all to Georgia. My question is, why they just don't move their company to GA in the first place??

Here are some pictures from the more recreational time in FL. The beach was fun, my favorite part actually but one thing is for certain, I am a California girl. The sand was nice, very fine and white but that is about it, the water wasn't clear and the bugs... ewe gross. The water was warmer and I was so happy to get to play in the waves and show Leah the ropes. We even body surfed a bit.

Here are me and my Holiday Inn roomies
All of the SCO girls who went to the beach
And with our backpacks that we got at Vistakon

Soaking up the sun
Trying to have an artistic picture but it is just dumb...
Anita & Laurie at the bar we found that had $1 beers!
It was the perfect end to the day at the beach
Katrina, our new friend from UMSL, & Megan
All of us getting ready to go out for the night. We sure do look sassy. And no I don't think the dress, pants, dress, pants... lineup was on purpose.Eating at Joe's Crab Shack on the beach
It was really windy but a great picture


Here are some pictures from last week/weekend.

At the airport waiting for our transportation - Tracy, Monica, Phoebe, Laurie & Leah

On the van going to our hotel - me and Anita

We ate lunch a fancy Mexican place - yes that may seems like an oxymoron but it was very good

The margaritas were delish!
Our server was nice enough to take our picture
front - Monica, Phoebe, Anita
back - me, Laurie, Leah & Tracy
On the bus to the institute
At outback for our free dinner
Representing Kansas :)
Our last day at the institute - yes Anita & Leah will be getting early cataracts b/c they are not wearing sun protection!
In the cab with the cab driver who carries a machete with him 24-7, it was a bit of a crazy drive, nearly got into 2 wrecks. Drove Tracy to start drinking!