Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More lost but found photos

For those avid followers of my blog you may remember a blog about a volleyball tourney I attended this past summer in Manhattan Beach (MB). It was quite the ordeal. Here are some pictures that Tami just posted on Facebook from the day.

This is the team we went to support, Tropic Thunder, my neighbor Lindsey was on the team . Most of these guys played together in college. They did amazing and it was so fun to watch good volleyball players in action and having fun. Do you remember Hawk from American Gladiators back in the day? He was doing some sort of commentary. It was actually the 2nd time I had seen him that summer, the first time was at Target.Here is a picture of me and Tami just in front of the MB pier and the massive amount of people. It was insane!After we watched some VB we went and had a few drinks in MB. And then we made it back down to Hermosa Beach to Sharkys for some fish tacos, my favorite! At this point we were on a bicycle pub crawl. Seriously! On bikes. I was happy I didn't crash and burn.

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