Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Here are some pictures from last week/weekend.

At the airport waiting for our transportation - Tracy, Monica, Phoebe, Laurie & Leah

On the van going to our hotel - me and Anita

We ate lunch a fancy Mexican place - yes that may seems like an oxymoron but it was very good

The margaritas were delish!
Our server was nice enough to take our picture
front - Monica, Phoebe, Anita
back - me, Laurie, Leah & Tracy
On the bus to the institute
At outback for our free dinner
Representing Kansas :)
Our last day at the institute - yes Anita & Leah will be getting early cataracts b/c they are not wearing sun protection!
In the cab with the cab driver who carries a machete with him 24-7, it was a bit of a crazy drive, nearly got into 2 wrecks. Drove Tracy to start drinking!

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