Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A California girl forever and ever

I know I was pretty bad about taking pictures while I was actually at the Vistakon campus, but I have plenty of pictures elsewhere. Vistakon was fun, educational and as a bonus we got to tour the factory where they make the Acuvue contact lenses but were not able to take cameras in due to their top secrets... Good thing I have a photogenic memory and can sell the information to Coopervision & Ciba :) HA! I wish. It was interesting to find out that they only have 2 factories were the contact lenses are made, Florida and Ireland! And the huricanne evacution process is insane, they load up the machines and all the stock onto a semi truck and move it all to Georgia. My question is, why they just don't move their company to GA in the first place??

Here are some pictures from the more recreational time in FL. The beach was fun, my favorite part actually but one thing is for certain, I am a California girl. The sand was nice, very fine and white but that is about it, the water wasn't clear and the bugs... ewe gross. The water was warmer and I was so happy to get to play in the waves and show Leah the ropes. We even body surfed a bit.

Here are me and my Holiday Inn roomies
All of the SCO girls who went to the beach
And with our backpacks that we got at Vistakon

Soaking up the sun
Trying to have an artistic picture but it is just dumb...
Anita & Laurie at the bar we found that had $1 beers!
It was the perfect end to the day at the beach
Katrina, our new friend from UMSL, & Megan
All of us getting ready to go out for the night. We sure do look sassy. And no I don't think the dress, pants, dress, pants... lineup was on purpose.Eating at Joe's Crab Shack on the beach
It was really windy but a great picture

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