Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Wine pairings

Here is the wine list with the food pairing we has this weekend with the tasting notes. For some of you that have never been to a wine tasting you start off with lighter white wines and proceed to the more complex red wines. I have included my own notes of Like it (glad I tried it once), Live it (definitely a wine I will get in the future), and Love it (I want more right now!).

Select Cuvee Brut from Piper Sonoma - Sparkling wine

  • Tasting notes - Crisp and bright with light aromas yeast, toast, cherry and vanilla; palate creamy texture, soft mousse, dried citrus peel and red cheery
  • Food pairing - baked brie
  • Like it - too dry for my taste
2005 Chenin Blanc-Viognier from Pine Ridge - White wine

  • Tasting notes - Honeysuckle, jasime and peaches; pears, grapefruit peel and bright acidity
  • Food pairing - Roasted Chicken
  • Live it - great price point and very smooth flavor
2005 Sauvignon Blanc from Rodney Strong - White wine

  • Tasting notes - candied grapefruit peel, spring flowers and tangerine peel, ripe lemon, touch minerality
  • Food pairing - cherry tomatoes, calamata olives
  • Love it - again great price and very fruity and crisp on the palate
2004 Blend of Riesling, Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Gewurztraminer & Pinot Gris from Pierre Sparr "One" - White wine

  • Tasting notes - Spice, spring flowers, peaches, lemons
  • Food pairing - baked apples
  • Like it - Not a huge fan of the spice but good for guests who like a sweeter wine

2007 Pinot Noir from Kris - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Blackberries, candied fruits, black cherry, rasberry, spice, caramel, cloves, firm tannins
  • Food pairing - Stuffed mushrooms
  • Live it - Even better price point, a bit of an after taste but tasted like a cherry jolly rancher

2001 Merlot from Artesa - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Ripe sweet raspberries, plums, fruitcake and spice with chocolate
  • Food pairing - Chedder cheese
  • Love it - bold fruity flavor
2004 Chianti Superiore from Castello de Monastero - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Cranberry, violet, dried rosemary and vanilla; red cranberry and cinnamon
  • Food pairing - Italian sausage pizza
  • Like it - fairly dry and very warm wine, it would warm you up on a cold winter day
Cabernet Sauvignon from ViƱa Casa Silva Reserva - Red wine

  • Tasting notes - Dark berry fruit, tobacco, earth, star anise, licorice, medium bodied weight and medium grained tannins
  • Food pairing - our pairing for this was strawberry cupcakes with chocolate frosting in ice cream cones ;)
  • Love it - big bold flavors that

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