Monday, October 6, 2008

What a pair of rooms

Over the past week I went to Jacksonville FL for a contact lens conference. I have plenty of pictures to share but the first ones are kind of silly... They are of my hotel rooms. The first 2 nights I had a room all to myself, yeap that's right, 2 double beds just for me :) And the last night I roomed with 3 other girls. Each of the rooms were amazing, hard to believe they were a Hampton Inn & a Holiday Inn Express!

Hampton Inn --> Sleeping single in 2 double beds :) I slept in the same bed both nights.
Awesome flat screen, microwave & mini-fridge
Beautiful granite counter tops in the bathroom
Holiday Inn Express - so many pillows!
Bar station - microwave, fridge and my must have, coffee maker

Dresser & flat screen
Little Tracy in the HUGE glass shower
Awesome bathroom sink with granite counter tops again
And the Holiday Inn Express is complete with a garden tub


Laura said...

I LOVE staying in hotels, so this post was fun!! Looks like you had some nice rooms. I'm glad you had a good time :)

We'll def. make plans to meet up in Branson. I'll call you sometime this week. Oh, how fun!

Lindsey Breeden said...

You must have stayed at a Holidy Inn Express last night!