Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wine and cheese pairing make for a great birthday!

Last Saturday Julianne hosted a Wine tasting party for my birthday. It was never my intention for her to host the entire thing but that is how she wanted it and I was left just hanging out enjoying it all. Julianne did an incredible job on organizing it all and having the perfect food pairing with each wine. It seemed the party went on effortlessly, even though I know she was stressed, but to the party guests it looked like she was calm, cool and collected at all times. I will post the wine & food pairing later this week. But for now here are some pictures from the night.

This is me and Jules
Kevin, Kelsey, Jill & Me
Me, Megan McDonald-Moll & KarenMore pics of Kelsey, Jill & MeMegan & DerrickJoe, Me & my new friend EddySurrounded by ODs with names that start with "J" - Jake, John, me & JohnKendra, Megan & Me
My roomies & great hosts - Derrick & Jules
Me & Karen - I miss sitting beside this girl in class but do NOT miss class!Of course the party moved outside and gathered around the fire pit.
Me & Kendra
I have no idea what I am doing, probably telling some story, but I thought it was a funny picture and looks like I am having a really good time
Kate & Dan
Dan & Kendra enjoying s'mores
Me & John chilling (literally, it was cold) by the fireAfter the outdoor activity I came back inside to find a gift from Megan & Julianne for a pedicure at the NailBar, where I get a pedicure and 2 drinks! How great is that??

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Laura said...

This looks like so much FUN! I'm glad you were treated like a princess and served wine in honor of your birthday! I can't wait to get the pairing lists...I'm in the mood for wine. Is that bad since it's only 11am?!?

Your hair looks great and I LOVE the nail polish color :)

Love you!