Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Road Trip!

Over the weekend, thanks to some good ol' EtOH, I was able to persuade (or make appealing) the idea of driving almost 5 hours to see O.A.R. live in Fayetteville, AR and then to drive back that very night. Megan has seen them a couple times and loved them and for my dear friend Erin she had never gotten to see them in Memphis or anywhere else, so this was a chance she did not want to pass up. I still can't believe it happened as easy as it did. Erin, Megan & I left Memphis at about 2:30 and arrived in F-ville about 7:30. After some bumps in the road we made it.

This is me an Erin waiting for Megan Megan rolling up to pick us up
Action shot!
Kids, don't try this at home, putting on eyeliner while in a moving vehicle
Who knows how many cups of coffee this is for Megan
It was a long drive but all worth it once Marc and the boys came out

Enjoying the tantalizing sounds of O.A.R.
I only wish everyone could experience O.A.R., they are very entertaining not to mention amazing
The best part was I got to surprise Julianne & Megan in the ladies bathroom. They didn't have a clue I was coming. The looks on their faces was priceless!Erin, Megan & MeIn the parking lot at University of Arkansas getting ready to make the 5 hour trek back home. It was a great spontaneous trip girls. Thank you so much for going and being completely sleep deprived today... Seriously 2 hours is just not enough.The last song before the encore was Joe Cocker's song "With a little help from my friend" sang with the opening band Jonathan Tyler and the Northern Lights. Check it out!


Jules said...

What a fun, random and spontaneous night for you ladies! I'm so glad you had a great time and a safe trip. I think I was still confused until today. Christie's here? Wait? Erin? Huh? Megan? More driving? What? After I ran into you in the ladies room, I forgot to "go" so I went back in and forgot again, came right back out. Had to run back inside a THIRD time before I remembered what was going on. What a fun surprise, I'm amazed I didn't spoil it. And I'm sorry you didn't have 3 bags of homemade goodies to take on the road (we devoured and shared everything - YUM YUM and THANK YOU THANK YOU)

Laura said...

HOW FUN!!! I am so glad you got to go see your fav band :) and you had great company for the drive.

Thank goodness you still have both of your eyeballs after that eyeliner application- yikes!

AND...I am so jealous someone else got a "Christie surprise," I LOVE those! That's so fun they had no clue you were going to be there. Thanks for the mini-concert experience! LOVE YOU!!

Xtine said...

From one crazy concert girl to another...You go girl!!