Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Summer Memories

So this past holiday weekend one of my other double cousins, Tami's sister, came to visit with her family. Adorable doesn't even begin to describe her kiddos. They each have a very unique and endearing personality & you fall in love with them immediately.

This is McKenzie (or just Kenzie). I can't believe how much of a little lady she is. Always so polite and just wanting to hang out and to help in anyway she can. I really enjoyed getting to know her better.
At Disney waiting patiently in line

Skid boarding at the beach

Then there is Pierce, what a character. Always picking on someone just because. He loves anything that is creepy, crawly & slimy! I could not believe all the facts about animals that is in his head. He is one smart cookie and can hold his own, which is good because he has 2 sisters to put him back in line when he gets out.

Climbing on everythingHe loves animals!

And lastly Sydney. This girl can make anyone smile. She is always singing something and has a way of keeping herself entertained as well as everyone around her. She has a ton of funny faces and will do just about anything if you ask. Favorite memories from this weekend, when she was cold at the beach and rolled in the sand to get warm and of course her singing the Applebottom jeans song.
Put her dad's cell phone number on her just in case she got separated from the group at Disneyland.

Funny faces!

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Laura said...

Those kids are all so adorable! I'm glad you had a fun weekend :)