Wednesday, July 2, 2008

SLO weekend

Over the past weekend I traveled up the coast to see my adorable baby niece, Celine. Of course I saw Josh & Christiane too :) The drive up the 101 was amazing. Such a different coast line than Hermosa Beach, much more dramatic with the cliffs. I was not able to take pictures because driving 65-75 mph & trying to snap a photo isn't necessarily safe.

We had a great time. Dinner on the patio Saturday night. Strangely it was so cool I had to wear a sweatshirt. Then we just sat around and talked until bedtime. It was nice to get to catch up on everything that was going on.
Sunday we got up leisurely & then went downtown, had some lunch & just walked around.

It is such an adorable city, SLO, with so much history. We drove by where Josh & Christiane work. Miss Celine drank all her bottles so we had to make a pit stop at home to pick up some more goods. Afterwards we went down to a barn that sold produce & ice cream & they even had a petting zoo. We stopped by Avila beach on our way home. It was a perfect weekend, catching up with family, good food & beautiful weather.

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