Saturday, June 20, 2009

First dinner

Today I moved into my new home in Manhattan. It was a stressful day to say the least but isn't moving always stressful? The worst part of it was it rained the whole 2.5 hours, needless to say things were damp/wet inside but the upside everything looks like they have been salvaged. The house is in total disarray so I am going to wait to show pictures. I have lots to keep me busy for the next few days that is for sure.

Tonight I treated myself to a little Chinese Kitchen from Dillons. If anyone has ever lived in Manhattan you know just how delicious it really is.
My parents were awesome enough to give me money for dinner and wine! They know how to make me happy for sure. I am going to eat my yummy dinner, scrub the main floor & watch a movie, all while enjoying my wine :)


Laura said... found a wireless connection! So happy that you're all settled in, well mostly! I can't wait to come visit and have some Chinese Kitchen with you :) LOVE that!!

Talk to you soon!
Good luck getting everything all "homey"
Love you~

Audra said...

Yummy, my first experience with Chinese food :) Can't wait to see you on Saturday!!!