Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thirsty Thursday

The story of Bellini begins in Venice, in the legendary setting of a world-famous artists’ café. One warm summer evening in 1948, its owner decided to mix the fruity joy of perfect white peaches, the grapy sparkle of Prosecco spumante, and a whisper of wild raspberries. He called it Bellini as a tribute to the arts and to his city: the Venice-born painter Giovanni Bellini had first incarnated the sensuous colors of the Venetian Renaissance. The original formula became as well known and imitated as apple pie – and just about as wholesome. Two thirds Prosecco sparkling wine from the hills north of Venice; one third white peach juice with fresh fruit pulp; a few drops of raspberry juice. Yet for many years, the one and only true Bellini was sipped in Venice, where the authentic ingredients could be found and would maintain their pristine freshness... Until, forty years after it was invented, Italy’s award-winning Prosecco grower, Canella (also a Neil Empson Selection), took up the difficult challenge of producing the famous Venetian cocktail to satisfy its numerous worldwide fans, yet maintain the freshness and delicacy of the original recipe.

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