Monday, June 1, 2009

High School boys 5A golf

Instead of going home to Winfield on Monday May 25, I swung up to Emporia to watch my little brother play in the Kansas State boys 5A golf tournament. I was in NW Arkansas before this so it was a little out of my way but worth it to see Jeff play on Tuesday. He did amazingly, even though he will say he could have done better, he shot 6 over par and had an eagle on the very last hole! He came in 31st place which was dissappointing for him b/c he wanted to be in the top 20. There were 96 golfers so 31st is great in my book! Here are some pictures of it.

Waiting around for his tee time
and more waiting....
The socks that Wilson's mom got the boys to wear.
Practice swings
Getting the instructions for the day
Pretty fairways shotWalking to his ballChipping it in
Marking his ballPutting it inNick & Nate came to watch with his mom DinaAshley's cart
Dina & NickAwe - Mikey & Sam are such good buddiesNate, Nick & Erin
Jeff's gallery Jeff getting bombarded by the gallery :)First Autograph!Playing around afterwardsWinfield High School 2009 boys golf team and their "coach"

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Laura said...

Great pictures :)
I should be working, but I'm catching up on all your new posts-wow!! Love the socks...priceless!