Sunday, June 21, 2009

A taste of what is happening

I was very excited to go back to church here in Manhattan but was caught by surprise when Father Keith did give mass b/c he was on vacation... I guess I have something to look forward to next week. Don't get me wrong, it was a good mass but Father Keith has a way of really relating things to real life.

After church I headed to Bed Bath & Beyond to look around. I need many things for the house but need to make some cash first and get everything unpacked so I can assess the situation of what I really need. I did pick up a trash can there for cheap. Then I headed to Tuesday Morning to see what buys I could find. Here are pictures of what I picked up.

Soap/lotion dispenser for kitchen - $9.99
Bamboo mat for garage entrance - $7.99
Jute rug for entryway - $7.99
Here is a picture of really the only room semi-done, I still have to hang pictures. The lamp really does make the room. I love it! I will share that story later.

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