Monday, May 11, 2009

Tower O' Cupcakes

My parent's hosted a graduation party this past Saturday, no I have not posted graduation pictures just yet, but wanted to share the cupcake tower that my dad made and I decorated with paint, ribbon and all the cupcakes! I baked for over 11 hours on Friday, a few times I wanted to stop but glad I didn't b/c it turned out amazing! The main cupcakes were of course red Velvet with cream cheese icing (my favorite), chocolate with chocolate ganache (Ashley's favorite), butter cake with blue butter cream, butter cake with tangerine butter cream and strawberry with chocolate ganache.


Jules said...

SO many flavors! Be sure to share any recipes I need (please). Way to go Dad Heptig by the way, the tower turned out great. Happy graduation!

Bethany said...

Ummm....YUMMY!!! Those look fab!!