Friday, May 22, 2009

Awesome job Jeff! Good luck Tuesday.

Last Monday Jeff and his fellow golf-mates took runner up in their Regional Golf Tourney! I am so proud of them. All year they have gotten one place lower due to just one stroke but this time they edged out the 3rd place team for a second place win! It felt so good to be on the winning side. Here are some pictures of Jeff from the last half of the season. Keep up the good work but and don't let an extra stroke or two ruin things. GET IN THAT HAPPY PLACE!!!!
Teeing off at the Winfield Country ClubAssessing the situation

Walking down the fairwayProud Family!
Trying to count up the strokes, it takes both hands :)
Ethan, Jeff & Wilson
Jeff scored 3rd overall at this tourney! Nice work Bud!
The team - it is hard to get a decent picture and no this isn't what I would call decent
His 3rd place medal

Putting it in
This is a crazy hole - you tee off and land on a little island! And it is a 9-hole course you have to do it twice!
Regional score card
Holding the Regional runner-up plaque

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