Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Party time!

Whew... So when I blog I upload the pictures first and then put in comments... Sit back b/c it has taken me about an hour to put in and arrange all these pictures, yes there are a lot! These are pictures of the Graduation party my parents hosted in honor of my sister Ashley's Cowley College graduation and my optometry graduation. I tried to put the pictures in order of the night but it was hard b/c they came from 2 different cameras. The party was a blast. I had family and friends from all over! I think there was at least 65 people at one point. Lots of food and yummy beverages.
The graduates - me & Ashley
My mom made collages
Joleen, Debbie, me & Megan - they came all the way from Arkansas
Ashley & Heather
Aunt Peggy, me & Dina
Megan & Master Luke - look at those eyes!
The Baureis family - Joe, Megan & Luke
me and my momma!
Cousins - Ashley & Jessica
Mom and her graduates
me & Master Luke
Savannah & Luke - new friends!
I love this picture of Lydia
Norah Kate really enjoyed that pretzel stick
So did Lydia I guess :)
Telling stories
Me, Barrett & LydiaBeing sillyHunter & Mark This time Audra & I are being sillyMegan, Audra, me & Laura - wish Amber could have made it :(

My mom just HAD to buy these...
All the people!
Pretty sure I made a sappy speech and started to cry
Dina & Lydia
I love these girls!
Lydia always takes the time to stop and smell the flowers
Barrett is texting his girlfriends
A rare photo of Kane - Audra's husband
My graduation gift - my mom's diamond ring
Mom & Barry
me & Laura
Megan & Lydia
Dina & Lydia Let the drinking begin... As the night got later the pictures got fuzzier and funnier really.
Megan & JoeMegan, Joe & meUh oh. The shots are beginning... What was I thinking? Oh right, I just graduated :)Joleen (Megan's sister), Joe & meme & my momBarry, me & MikeAre we having fun yet or what?!Mary (dear family friend) & meme & my dadJoleen & meBuddies - Barry & dadAudra & me, she left and put Lydia to bed and came back! What a trooper :)

Thank you to everyone who was able to come to the party. Those who were unable to make it were greatly missed. If it were not so much work I would say lets do it again but maybe after I get into my new place, when I decide what will be happening with my life. Stay tuned!

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Laura said...

GREAT post!! The party was a blast and the food was yummy :) I loved looking back at all the pictures. Hope Barrett didn't run up your texting bill hittin' up all this girlfriends!

CONGRATS...can't wait to see what happens with the next chapter of your life. WE LOVE YOU!!