Saturday, May 16, 2009

But still they had bath robes!

The night before graduation we stayed down in Tunica, if you are not familiar it is the little Vegas of the South about 45 minutes from Memphis. My parent's love to gamble, I do not but figured since they drove 8 hours to see me graduate I would do something for them. Unfortunately this does not get me out of giving them free eye care.

The night of graduation we stayed at The Peabody Hotel in the heart of downtown. It was a little pricey but as my dad said it, "you are only going to do this once, do it right." Uh okay :) I have been there many times walking thru the hotel, b/c like I said it is smack in the middle of downtown and there are entrances on all sides. And there is a spa in it where I used to get my hair done. And of course the duck march which happens every day at 11 a.m. and 5 p.m.

Here is the fountain the ducks swim around everyday. Yes those flowers are real! The door to our hotel room, it has a door knocker!
The bathroom

The best beds ever! When I go to purchase a bed I am totally going to call the hotel and see what kind of beds they have. So comfy!
As nice as it was I still had to get my own ice...And pour my own wineThey even had bath robes, which I forgot to use the next day, but still they had bath robes. I don't know if I will ever be able to go back to a regular hotel again :)
After getting settled in we ate a Huey's, best burger place ever (West Coast Turkey burger is the best burger ever!!!) and then went to Silky O'Sullivans for a diver... What is a diver you ask? Well it is a bit of a mystery but it is delicious mixture of fruit juice, liquor & beer... in a bucket! Check it out.It sure was oh so good :)Erin thought so too, sadly it was her last night in Memphis (for a while) and this was the first night to experience a diver. I am sure she is still dreaming of the yummy goodness.

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