Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What?? My flight is delayed?? Oh darn.

I was suppose to fly back to Kansas on last Tuesday, Oct. 27, but my first flight was delayed out of LAX and by the time that flight left I would have missed my connecting flight in Dallas, which was the last one of the day to Manhattan. Instead of staying in a hotel in Dallas I had Tami come back to pick me up at the airport and stayed another day in Hermosa. As you can imagine I was really upset... YEAH RIGHT! I was stoked to get to spend another day and enjoy the sunshine and warmth. And truthfully Tami was glad to have the excuse to get out of work and recover from the night before.

So Wednesday morning I got to get up early, enjoy the amazing coffee from Tami's kitchen one more day, and Boomer and I went for a run to the 90210 house, about 4.5 miles. It was an awesome run and probably should have gone to the Manhattan Pier but I had to get back and get ready for the airport.

Lucky me, my flight was pretty much on time but all the passengers with me were slow pokes! The flight attendants were almost yelling at people to take their seats. Shhzz, it was like no one had ever flown before. So I had some extra time so I got out my camera and started snapping pictures. I think I was making the guy from Argentina next to me nervous :)

This was my view for about 20-30 minutes while people were being loaded onto the plane.
Taxiing (yes that is how you spell that) to the runway

Another plane trying to beat us to the start line...
The wings getting prepared for take off
Pay attention to the tiny plane on the right side of this picture. It looks like it is headed to the building
And it looks like it goes right through. Crazy how close the buildings are
Taking off while another plane is coming in
And we are off!
The saddest picture of the weekend... You can see the Hermosa & Manhattan beach piers
Goodbye my love!
Beautiful ocean


Nate said...

Oh no! What did you do about all your patients at work?!?!

Christie's Endless Craze said...

Well luck should have it I had a great doc working with me that day that saw as many as he could. What was left ws rescheduled :) smarty pants!

Kendra said...

loved that last picture... glad u had such a great mini vaca!!