Sunday, November 1, 2009

Birthdays, wine & a party bus

Last week ago at this time I was on my way North in California to go wine tasting. We tried to leave South Bay at 9, but I think we were a little behind schedule. Beware, lots of pictures ahead!

Shannon, Aunt Diana & birthday girl Tami
Shannon, Tami & me
The Elder girls! Inside the party bus THE PARTY BUS!! Complete with a stripper pole in the middle My breakfast Cocktail :)Shannon & Aunt DianaThe soundmaster CarlAt the first tasting room - Kerry, me, Tabitha & Debbie

We stopped for lunch at Patrick's Side Street CafeKarl & Laura - they are getting married in May Carl & TamiSam & Krista - Sam's head was getting toastyTami & me The lawn ornaments Going into Bridlewood Me and Krista on our trek around the groundsSo pretty! Look at those vinesTori, Tami & Mary inside Bridlewoodme, Tami & Tori.. This was our last stop, for good reason :)Krista & MeTami & her beautiful momma!
Loving the lavender
Roaming around the grounds
Sam & Krista are so cute!
So cute -- JimmyMac & Mary
Perfect photo opt!Most of the girls The girls + Carl - what a lucky guy :)Just gorgeous!Now for the ride back... Everyone wants a turn on the pole :) JimmyMac got it warmed upDaniel gave it a whirlThe birthday girl was really good!Maybe this is where I got all my unexplained bruises... But hey my arms look good :)No we are not naked... Just tired No night is complete without a stop at In-N-Out.


Jules said...

What a blast! Way to go on the photos, you covered the whole day's story. When are you moving out there?

Christie's Endless Craze said...
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Christie's Endless Craze said...

This post took FOREVER! Thanks for the props. I have another to do tonight. As for when I am moving out there... Good question but I know the answer is not soon enough!