Monday, November 2, 2009

Sun, sand, sunset & football

One week ago today was my cousin Tami's (actual) birthday. It was one of my favorite days ever. We woke up (after sleeping in) to the most amazing sun, it felt like summer. We had brunch at Good Stuff on the beach, one of my favorite breakfast/brunch places. The walk on the strand was breath taking. Some of the clearest skies I have ever seen in Hermosa Beach.

This is from 2nd Street, I think, looking over at Malibu, locals call it 'the Bu' :)
Surf man in front of the pier
Hermosa Beach Pier Boomer being such a good girl waiting for her momma, I tried to convince Tami that she wanted to come back to KS with me, but she didn't buy it...
Sitting at breakfast, do you see the hummingbird?
It is flying away
Manhattan Beach Pier - still can't believe how clear it is!
After breakfast and our walk we went shopping. Of course when you want to go shopping and WANT to find something you can't find a darn thing :( So we then went back down to Cantina Real at the Hermosa Pier and threw down a Cadillac pitcher of margaritas... Not sure if it was a margarita or a large shot of tequila... I am surprised we weren't hungover by dinner. They were so yummy and the conversation that Tami & I had was even better. I am so lucky to get to spend time with her. She is my big sister from another mother :)

This is the scene for the night festivities - Saint Rocke The sunset on our way down the street to Saint Rocke
Lynn, me & Tami. Lynn is my potential roommate :) I love me some Lynn!
Arlene, Tami, me & Lynn
October birthdays: Tami - Oct 26, Alec - Oct 18, me - Oct 20
Carl & Tami
Carl, Me & Brad (I think he looks like Marc from O.A.R...)
I LOVE THIS GIRL! Happy birthday Tami! Thanks for letting me enjoy in your day once again. Can't wait for many more to come. I love you!

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laura mcpherson said...

You are one LUCKY girl! Love the post and all the pictures. Looks like a great time :) You deserved an amazing trip! What wonderful family you have!