Thursday, November 19, 2009

She's here, She's here... SHE'S HERE!!

That's right, Josh & Christiane had their second baby on Sunday Novemeber 15, 2009, Julia, only a week late, but better late than never right :) She is a cutie that is for sure. She was born at 3:11 a.m. and she weighed 7lbs 4 oz and was 19 inches long.

Here she is Julia Schroeter-Heptig. She is getting ready to go home from the hospital
Being introduced to her big sister Celine for the first time. Celine couldn't go see her in the hospital due to new regulations with the flu epidemic. I have heard that she can't stop kissing her :) Can you blame her?
Sleeping beauty. I love her so much already!


laura mcpherson said...

She's beautiful!!! I don't exactly remember Celine's newborn pictures...but I don't think Julia looks like her in these.

Congrats, Aunt Christie! Hope you get to love on her soon! I'm counting down the days 'til I get to love on Jones :)

Kendra said...

I agree- she's beautiful, as is Celine! What a proud aunt you must be!!