Saturday, October 31, 2009

Flashback for a week

One week ago today I whisked off to beautiful & sunny southern California. My cousin Tami & my birthdays are 9 years and 359 days apart. This year was a big year for our birthday's b/c I was turning 30 and she was turning 40. I had a bit of a flight delay on the way there, thanks to some frost on the plane, but I made it with little trouble only about an hour later than expected. As soon as I arrived we went to Burke Williams for some R & R. Talk about luxury... Steam room, sauna, mist room, and the best 80 minute massage, 80 minutes of pure heaven!
Here is Tami & I right after our session, enjoying the warm Southern California sun in buttercup, her VW convertible. We are blissfully happy. We were on the way to PF Changs for a late lunch courtesy of our Aunt Peggy's birthday money :)
That day/night Tami had no idea that her big birthday surprise was on the way. I love surprises. I love to get them and I love to be in on them. Her sister Shannon came up from San Diego and told her that her gift was in the back of her SUV and she had to come get it... Little did she know that it was her mom who flew in all the way from Colorado Springs. I love her reaction!
What an awesome birthday surprise!Check back for more Southern California pictures and stories :) There are many but I can't tell all my secrets...

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