Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween treats!

With all my free time on my hands, that is sarcasim Sheldon, I made up some little treat bags for the girls at work. I hope they enjoy them tmrw. I also got a recipe for gooey cake batter cookies from my friend Erin, and they are tucked under everything.

Gooey Cake Batter Cookies
One box of cake mix (your choice)
1 Pkg of softened cream cheese
1 cup of Softened butter
1 tsp of Vanilla
1 egg
In bowl, whip cream cheese, butter, Vanilla and egg together. Add cake mix. Blend. I added fun halloween sprinkles to the mix
Mixture is thick and gooey. Be prepared to lick the batter off your fingers.
Place on cookie sheet with average sized spoon (cookies will not expand much in oven)

Bake at 350 degrees for 10-13 minutes (until barely browning at the edges). The less time they bake, the more gooey the results.


Erin said...

Did you try one? I loved the batter raw :) yum

Laura said...

You're so sweet! The bags look great :) If you have any of those cookies left, bring them with you to Winfield! See you soon.

Christie's Endless Craze said...

They are so not hard to make but seriously the batter is the BEST! I have not tried a cooked cookie yet. I will be making cupcakes tonight for our shin dig :) Do we have a plan yet? I would like to watch the game... Unless it is bad...

Audra said...

yummy :) you are so nice...AND were there any left?

Christie's Endless Craze said...

I think there are some left but I have an idea... When we are together on Saturday, let's just make some! Like I said the batter is awesome :)