Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Namesake Wine

After dinner I went to the liquor store to get a nice night cap for me :) I went to my favorite liquor store down the street from where I live. The guys that work in there are great, always smiling and they always card me and comment about me being from KS and I reassure them that I was rooting for University of Memphis when they played KU last year in basketball... It always gives me the "in" and it is the truth. As a bonus it was ladies night last night and I got 10% off, how am I just finding out about this??? Well here is the bottle of wine I picked up.

So if you don't know my middle name is Angeline, so it was meant to be. I didn't even read the information on it, I just bought it! Here is a little more about it.

Angeline Pinot Noir 2006 from The Russian River Valley
Pinot Noir is produced from fruit that abounds with intense fruit and rich aromas. By "cold soaking" the crushed grapes and fermenting at moderate temperatures, bright fruit flavors are extracted from the grape without harsh tannins. This Pinot Noir is a brilliant, deep ruby color with delicate aromas of raspberry, strawberry and a soft whisper of vanilla. Bright flavors of ripe raspberries and strawberries, layered with subtle nuances of vanilla oak lead to a rich, full fruit finish.
It is produced from grapes carefully selected from the Soracco & Rocking B vineyards in Russian River Valley. Sonoma County is known for its cool winters and warm summers, with a coastal influence that often brings fog to the area. The fog creates a moist blanket during cold weather and cool relief when the
temperature rises.

The nose was odd, my first thought was great this is gonna suck, but the nose and palate were two totally different things, one of the many mystique's about wine. I really liked the taste, very strawberry with a hint of vanilla, smooth and quite tasty. Now I just have to find a Christina wine... Think they have one named Heptig?


Ashley's Musical Montage said...

I'm sure there is a Heptig wine in Germany since that is where the name is rooted and it means "maker of wine". How ironic right? Well that is awesome that you found an Angeline Wine. I'll keep an eye out for a Christina wine...but really how often do I go into a liquor store? I'm also glad to hear that you made it back safely to Memphis.
P.S. We are waiting for you to put up the Tree. :D

Laura said...

We have a bottle of 1998 MCPHERSON chardonnay-it's Australian! So, surely there's a Heptig out there somewhere :)

That is so fun that you found this Angeline wine, and I like the pink label!