Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Mission Accomplished

If anyone has been checking out my Facebook status you know that I have been talking about organizing my closet(s) for days. In May my parents basically moved me back to KS and since then I have just been making due with the disarray of a closet that I have. Some of my clothes are in storage, some are in a closet the basement and some are in the closet in my room. It has been driving me nuts that they were very unorganized. I am a little like Monica Gellahar-Bing from Friends in that I love my clothes to be separated by sleeve length, color and sometimes even seasons. Today I finally got to organizing my closet as it should be, as it was in Memphis, Mission Accomplished!

Here is a BEFORE picture
And then the AFTER


Carl & Rosemarie Brauning said...

OH BOY! I am the EXACTLY the same! Great job!

Laura said...

Looks great :) Even better in person! Thanks for letting me be the first to "shop" in the newly organized Christie's Closet!

See you tomorrow for our girls day! Can't wait!!!