Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am in need of new workout songs on my iPod, running isn't fun just yet for me and it REALLY isn't fun when I am listening to the same songs over and over. It makes me feel like I am running in circles. So if you have any good songs that you like to listen to please leave me a comment about what those are. I really appreciate it!


Tangee said...

I like Rhianna for the gym: Breaking Dishes, Don't Stop the Music, and Shut up and Drive

Also, Queen is good: Bicycle Race and all the classics.

Celebrity Skin by Hole

Erin said...

Somebody told you - The Killers
Crazy Game of Poker - duh you know who. :) I stead my pace to the beat of the live version and it is like 10 min long.
Ching-a-Ling - Missy Elliott
Dirty Little Secret - All American Rejects
Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
Glamorous - Fergie
Don't Stop Believing - Journey
Extraordinary - Liz Phair

Rhetta said...

As If - Sara Evans
Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf & Lil Wayne
I Dare You - Shinedown
When I Grow Up - PCD
Hit That - The Offspring
Man Eater - Nelly Furtado
Take You There - Sean Kingston
Lit Up - Buckcherry

I like variety :)

Christie's Endless Craze said...

These are suggestions from Audra:

well, you might not dig these tunes..but they often get me moving :)

billy idol--cradle of love
katy perry-hot n cold
metro station-shake it
santana-into the night
phantom planet-california
better than ezra-good
death cab for cutie-the sound of settling
the o'jays-love train
blondie-call me
the dancing queen group-born to be alive
miley cyrus-see you again
linkin park-shadow of day
beyonce'-if i were a boy
oar-shattered (didn't know they sang that...i'm sure you already have it :)
coldplay-viva la vida
michael jackson-can't stop til you get enough