Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor at the Lake

This past Labor Day weekend I got to spend it once again in Heber Springs with lots of friends, fun & sun. Couldn't have asked for better weather or better company. I have been asked by many to share pictures from the weekend and finally have found time to do so. It has taken me a while b/c I drove from Kansas straight to Arkansas and then on Monday I drove to Memphis, arrived at my new home around 9 p.m. and had to quickly settle in so I could get some good sleep for my first day back to work. It has been non-stop since I left California to say the least, but a good non-stop. I managed to surprise Megan a day early and boy was she! It was so good to get to catch up before the Labor Day mayhem started, we had not seen each other in 4 months!

As you will tell in the pictures I absolutely love the lake. Megan & Luke moved there in July (Joe is still in Memphis working) so it was strange initially for her & I not to be driving back to Memphis together on Monday, some tears were shed for sure but I just have to remind myself that she is just a car ride away. And heck it gives me a good excuse to get away for the weekend and I have a place to stay, I can't complain!

This is the scene I saw when driving into Heber over the big dyke, such a pretty sunset

Adorable Master LukeHappy little family (oops Joe's eyes are closed...)
Megan, Me & KateLuke playing with the book I gave him, it is filled with pictures of me b/c I wanted him to remember what I looked like while I was gone. The book is called "Who loves baby"
Luke loves to drive HIS boat!And he loves to go fast, real fast (ZOOOMMM)
Megan, me & Master LukeDrs. Dan & KateKate & MeganMe & KendraDave making fun of all the picture takingAll the girls on the boat - Megan, Kendra, me, Kate & JulianneCousins - Joe & MattMaster Luke still drivingHaving fun at the beachHe loves the water and loves to splash!My new roomies - Julianne & Derrick

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Tami Ellett said...

Thanks for posting the pictures - it's fun to see what you've been up to since you've left Hermosa. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend. Good luck with school and enjoy your time in Memphis.