Monday, September 15, 2008

Bachelorette fun on Beale

Saturday night, almost immediately after Kendra got into town we headed downtown to Beale Street to celebrate my friend, and Megan's soon-to-be sister in-law, Jessica's bachelorette party. We started the night at Blue Fin where I had the most amazing sea bass, it was perfectly cooked and spicy! Then we headed down onto Beale Street. We knew it would be crazy particularly b/c the Southern Heritage Classic had gone on that day and everyone was going to be out celebrating.

At Blue Fin - I think we talked a lot of shop which wasn't appealing for most of the guests
It was so windy - Thanks Ike
Kendra & my first and only stop was Silky O'Sullivans. The down side was there was a cover charge but the drinks were pretty cheap and for the most part the guys in there weren't too sleazy, but of course there was a few.

The fake palm tree at Silky's - the closest thing to California here in Memphis :(

We got Jessica up on stage with the dueling pianos for a serenade...

Then somehow we got pulled up - what?!

Funniest thing was I gave my camera to some random guy to take pictures - I think he did pretty good.
I love this girl!
It was just like old times
Just some of the girls from the night

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