Sunday, September 21, 2008

100th post!

I am proud to report that this entry is my 100th post. It feels like a great accomplishment. Who knew I would have 100th things to post on here that hopefully has entertained you.

This weekend I was excited to get some fun pictures to post for this momentous occasion :) Kendra came back into town along with Nick (Engle) & John (Kirby). We had more fun reminiscing about old times and just laughing about random stuff and catching up on life. We went to eat at the famous BBQ shop, best place in Memphis for BBQ and it was better than I remember. After dinner we stopped by a bar for a shot and then came home and roasted marshmallow & made s'mores. Here are some pictures from the bonfire in the back yard.
Kendra, Jules & Me
Engle, Kirby, Derrick & Kendra
Yummy s'mores fixings
Having fun!
Must have been good
Engle eating Engle pie
It was a perfect night for a fire
John & Kendra
Derrick kept us laughing all night
No his hand is not on fire
Artistic photo that Kendra took
me & Jules - it was a process to get this picture!
I have no idea what he is doing
This is my favorite picture!
Kisses from Kirby!Having the last drink of the evening...


Jules said...

What a fun time! It was a true MEMPHIS night for sure. Thanks for being the best live-in event planner/cook/hostess/friend ever!Hope we make the most of the fall weather and plan many more outdoor evenings.

Bethany said... FUN! Roasting marshmallows sounds like a great time!! YUMMY!

Lindsey Breeden said...

Congrats on the big 100! Being a Super-Geek, I understand what a wonderful accomplishment that is.

What a fantastic pre-celebration for your 100th post. It looks ALMOST as much fun as 2nd st. No giant slide though...

Kendra said...

oh, those are adorable photos! What a fun night we had!! Miss you guys already! have a great time in Heber!