Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesdays with Boomer

So I don't think I have shown a picture of my 4th summer roommate, Boomer. Yes, K-Staters that is in Boomer Sooner. Thank goodness she is adorable b/c her name does nothing for her in my book :)

Boomer is Tami & Carl's baby, she just turned 3 years old in May. Being the good parents that they are, they served Boomer her first beer, Bud heavy. She was very confused about the bubbles for sure and only had a few sips.

Boomer is a wonderful companion and friend. She is always happy to see you, greeting everyone at the door with a toy. She is very well-behaved and will obey a command fairly easily and obviously listens to Tami & Carl far better than me. She has begun to stay with my at the foot of my bed if Tami & Carl are out late. It is so very sweet except when she sores or farts... But sometimes you just can't help that I guess. Being around Boomer really makes me wish I had a puppy of my own but I know just how much work they are, so for now I am enjoying being Boomers Aunt.

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Laura said...

Ahh...he's so cute! I want to come snuggle with him right now! You do need a puppy one of these days, but I'd advise waiting till you're all settled into a place of your own. They are a LOT of work :)