Thursday, June 26, 2008

Little pink boxes

Everyone at work knows that when I bring in a little pink box, it means treats! Wednesday they were filled with extra special treats - Birthday cupcakes for Ara. Ara is an amazing baker & cook but he certainly could not be responsible for making his own birthday treats so I made them for him. I asked him last week what his favorite type of cake was and his response was carrot cake and that is what he had.

Carrot cake is funny, is it healthy? Seems like they could be, but the amount of sugar & oil cancels out any of the goodness the carrot may bring to the recipe. One thing is for certain they are delish and that cream cheese frosting... Oh my!

Little Pink Boxes

Yummy carrot cake cupcakes for Ara!

I looked around for carrot cake recipes and finally decided on one from the bible of all baking books, Baking Illustrated, a must for any baker or just anyone who likes to bake.

"The test cooks and editors have exhaustively examined every technique, ingredient and piece of equipment that is critical to baking success to come up with 350 recipes that take the guesswork out of baking."

Dr. V's birthday is Monday so I will be trying my skills at something else I am sure over the weekend. If anyone has a good idea please let me know, I love to try new recipes!


Bethany said...

How funny! As I am sitting here reading this, I am actually snacking on a cupcake!! It is just the Funfetti version and nothing all that great, but it is sweet and sugary and it hits the spot!

Love your cupcake craze these days!!

the piglets at the office said...

we want pecan bars!!!