Monday, June 16, 2008

Adventures in babysitting

So Monday was a very busy day. Not of my normal goofing off stuff but I was working, kind of... I got to baby-sit for a new family. The have 2 kids, Cole & Kate. Today I only got to play with Cole and boy did we have a fun day! I got over to their house about 8:15. We wanted to go to the local aquarium close to home but since it was closed we had to come up with an alternative. We drove down to Long Beach to the Aquarium of the Pacific. I was a little hesitant about getting on the freeway going to a part of California I had never been but thankfully I had Ruby, my garmin, to show me the way. She really came in handy since the exit that I needed had a bad accident earlier that day and was closed completely, Ruby was able to give me an alternative route.

It was such a fun day! We got to see so many different types of fish, from all types of water. We spent a good part of the day enjoying the outside attractions, sea lions, sharks, birds and of course the water guns. All in all it took us just about 4 hours to see everything, including eating lunch in the cafe. It was an exhausting day and as I suspected Cole passed out on the way home (see picture). He is a great new friend and I can't wait for my next adventure in babysitting, but don't tell Cole that, he is not a baby!

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Laura said...

What a fun day!! Cole looks like a that blonde hair :) How fun that his parents were at the playoff! I'm so jealous. You should have gone!! Well, have a great afternoon.