Monday, June 16, 2008

new hair!

So for those who I have spoke to lately probably have heard I have found a wonderful new stylist, the office manager Christine. She is a hoot and gets so excited when it comes to cutting or coloring hair, which is such a treat for me b/c I really never know what looks good on me and I hate making the decisions on what to do. Christine is the one who gave me my adorable cut and she has been wanting to get her hands on my color. When she talks about it she folds her hands, grins really big and has a bit of a devious laugh. So needless to say I was a bit hesitant but I seriously don't know why b/c like I said she is awesome and I am in good hands. So last week I let her highlight my hair and of course I LOVE it! However she is not done yet. She still wants to put more colors in, so stay tuned for that. Right now it is very subtle and may be hard to tell a difference but in person you can definitely see it. Here is a close up of it from Friday night at Saint Rocke,, the bar 2 blocks down from the house. That night we saw the cover band called Led Zepplica.

And here is another picture from Saturday night on our way out the door to Saint Rocke again to see the Young Dubliners, who were amazing!

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Laura said...

I love it!! It is subtle, but I can see the highlights. Perfect for summer. Have a wonderful week :)