Friday, June 27, 2008

Flashback Friday @ The "B"

I can hardly believe it but Megan, Joe & Master Luke are moving out of Memphis and onto Heber Springs, AR. It will be so strange going back to Memphis and visiting Jules & Derrick on Walton but not walking across the street to see the Baureis family.

One random summer party

I know I have done a flashback on Joe & Meg before but this is more of a tribute to our friendship and the memories in their home, Luke's first home and always my second home in Memphis. I can't believe this, I am crying as I write this, thinking about it all and how life changes so fast even though it seems like we move in slow motion at times.

I would not change anything that has happened in the past 5 years b/c if any of my life events were different I may have missed an opprotunity for my friendship with Megan, which I could not even imagine at this point. She is an amazing person to say the least. Always there to listen to me about school or just life, even when I am being unreasonable & having a girl moment, always there to shop and always there to go to the theater just to get popcorn and come back to their house and watch a movie.

We have had so many good times in their home and at "The 'B'", which is the bar area inside there house. So many great birthdays, amazing random wine nights, awesome bands, movie days & nights, girly sleep overs, bar-b-ques and just all around fabulous parties.

Black & White Party (my 26th birthday)

Rocktober --> Pink & White Party (my 27th birthday)

I love you girl! And I miss you everyday but I know soon we will be closer and will get to see each other more often, much more often. Please give that sweet little Luke a hug & kiss from his Aunt Christie & the same to Joe and of course back to you. Best of luck moving and transitioning to your new home in Heber. I know it seems difficult right now but give it time and have fun decorating a new house and making it a home. Call my anytime to talk, remember I am 2 hours behind you and still probably up and don't forget to leave the light on, I will be by soon :)
Celebrating SCO class of 2007

Sweet Master Luke


Bethany said...

What a sweet post! I don't know Megan but she is obviously a great friend and an important part of your life! What a nice way to show her how truly special she is!!

And Megan, if you are reading this, good luck in your upcoming move. I know how hard it is to pack up and leave behind a town and home so full of love and memories. But, speaking from experience, it won't take long to fill your new home with just as much love and countless memories as well!!

Laura said...

What a sweet post! I am so glad you found such a wonderful friend during your time in Memphis. I know how much she means to you. It's good to know you've got someone so special to be there for you when your bfe's can't be around. AND Luke is sooo adorable-I'm sure you miss him just as much!

LOVE YOU! Hope you had a good time at the concert Friday night. Can't wait to hear all about it.

Jules said...

Such a good friend and a great way to honor the B and the B's :) Too many good times to recall...

megan_baureis said...

You are such an amazing friend. I love and miss you so much! I miss our times at the "B" and girls nights so much already...I so appreciate Bethany's comment. That gives me comfort during this difficult transition. I know our friendship will continue strong no matter where we live...but come home soon. :) I can't wait for Labor Day!