Sunday, June 1, 2008

Hello, Cupcake!

For all the creative ones out there, or even those who just like cupcakes, Tami found an amazing cupcake book this past week.

Tami is so creative and much more patient than I can be in the kitchen. She and Carl hosted a BBQ for some friends whose little baby girl is getting baptized today. What a fun and creative idea for cupcakes! Those are just jelly beans for the kernels, colored sugar for the salt & pepper & yellow starbursts for the butter :)

I promise I will stop writing about cupcakes. I am not obsessed at all, promise. Check back more later for CA updates. I have a lot of beach time in the near future.


Bethany said...

What in the world?!! Those are WAY too cute! You are the second person in the past week who has recommended that book...I better check it out!!

I am still trying to decide if I could actually EAT them or not...I LOVE corn on the cob and am not sure about eating something sweet that looks like it!! HOWEVER, that does not change the fact that those are the cutest things I have seen all day!

Thanks for sharing...and continue on with the cupcake obsession...I am LOVING it!!

Have a happy day!

Laura said...

Those are so stinkin' cute! I was just going to tell you that I've got to have Bethany come look...but I see she already has. So creative! I agree, Bethany...I'm not sure I could eat something sweet that looked like corn on the cob?!? Anyway...I just made strawberry cupcakes tonight for work and I'm stealing two from the batch for Justin & know I can't pass up a strawberry cupcake! I've got to try the ones you have below, but they look really complicated!