Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunday Surprise

Me & Tami

Carl & Tami

Earlier this week I was a bit bummed because I was hoping to get to go up to see my new niece Celine but due to previous plans it wasn't going to work out. Of course I wanted to see her so bad, I do love me some baby and I was even more anxious because it was my first blood niece. So I figured that I would hopefully see her in a few week regardless.

So Sunday morning Tami & I woke up and ran to the wall and back (my 5K). Then afterwards she had made plans to meet up with some friends that live in the next beach over at one of my favorite places on the strand, Hennessey's bar, for brunch. So we got there and waited... and waited... and waited some more. Then finally Tami began waving to her friends. I turned around and much to my surprise it was Josh, Christiane and little Celine! I was so surprised to say the least. I couldn't wait for them to get her out of that stroller. Longest 5 minutes ever! We had a nice little brunch and then they had to leave to get back home. It was such an incredible idea that Josh wanted to surprise me and even more surprising, Tami kept it a secret.

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Laura said...

LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!! What a great surprise and I'm sooo happy to see pictures of you & that sweet baby girl :) While reading, I thought the "friends" were going to be some movie stars, but this was even better! Have a great week.