Sunday, May 11, 2008

My views

I figured you all were wondering where I live. It is spectacular. I still feel as if I have to pinch myself to remind me that this is really happening, I live in California! Went to my first farmers market on Saturday. It was great. The people were so nice and inviting and the produce... Out of this world! The strawberries were so ripe it was like they each had a teaspoon of sugar on them!

Below are pictures of the area I live at the beach. As awful as it sounds to drive to work an hour everyday, I have to remind myself that I will see the ocean everyday as I pull onto the street, not a bad life for a girl without a real job huh? Thank you Tami & Carl! I don't think I can say that enough. The top picture is of the Hermosa Beach pier. The second is of a really cool dog on the pier and the 3rd is a pic of the beach with some sail boats. Tam & I talked about me learning to surf today, that is a good aspiration of mine since I have already accomplished running/walking 4 miles (5K) to the 90210 beach house yesterday! Amazing, but my legs felt like jello :) More tmrw, it is my last day of laziness. I can't wait! Good night and sweet dreams.


Jules said...

I am SO living vicariously through you for the next 4 months. Keep the pics and stories coming. I can almost hear the ocean... sigh

Kendra said...

I've been there too!! remember how cold it was the day we laid out at the beach?! haha!