Thursday, May 15, 2008

For those with a "touch of glaucoma"

So I really haven't blogged about my new internship yet. Mainly because I have been pretty busy and trying to get my new schedule figured out. So I work Tuesday-Saturday typically 9-5 but on Thursday I work 2-8. My first day was just me getting in sync with the office and observing. The second day I observed in the morning and then saw patients in the afternoon. It is so nice to have patients that are "normal", aka not on 6 different medicines and have the trifecta - diabetes, high blood pressure & high cholesterol. The office is great! The staff is amazing and very light-hearted. And all the doctors are very willing to teach me and show me any and all things. I will be getting a whole lot more hard contact lens experience than I had ever dreamed of.

On Wednesday I went to lunch with Dr. V and his son, also an O.D. On our way back to the office we went by the "Farmacy" that is just around the corner of the office. It sells global organic medicines if you know what I mean? :) It is my hopes that I will be able to write an Rx for medicinal mj.

I will try to take some more pictures of the area. It is in a fairly nice area with UCLA just around the corner and the Fox theater just down the street. There are so many great places to get tea, coffee & food from, not to mention the vast amount of shopping I could do. I can't wait to try out all of them... If I have time.

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Laura said...

Glad to get an update from you...I was wondering how things were going! Keep posting pics, I love to see your new "home"
Have a great weekend~I'm headed to Manhattan at noon!