Saturday, May 10, 2008

My first In & Out

Finally! Tami & I made it to Hermosa Beach about 8:30 PST. Tami drove most of the 2nd day, I think it was because she secretly loved to drive the Focus. LOl! It was a long trip but in hindsight wasn't all that bad but I am not really looking forward to doing it again in 4 months. Maybe I could just sell everything and buy a plane ticket back :)

So my first eating experience was at In & Out burger, what else did you think it would be? Oh my goodness! It was the most amazing fast food burger I have ever had. I got a double double, which sounded like too much at the time but it was so delicious that I finished it none the less. What makes it so good you ask? It is a thin hamburger, cheese (real cheese not the stuff McDonald's uses), toasted bun, I opted for grilled onions, crisp cold lettuce & tomato. Seriously it was amazing! And as if it couldn't get any better the fries are from real potatoes & they are peeled & cut on site. Reminded me of my grandma & mom's homemade fries. Obviously I will not be able to eat it every day, week or month but when I do it will be a treat for sure! Check back soon for pictures of my new home.

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Laura said...

Oh my...that looks delish!!! Hope you're having a great time in CA so far. I'm glad the drive is over for you. Sorry you have to do it again in 4 months, but look what you have to drive HOME for!!! Your family, the bfe's and your beautiful bfe nieces & nephew!
My mom & Aunt Clara are coming to CA the first of June...I'm not sure what part. My Aunt has a work conference and my mom is just going to keep her company! Love you~